Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bill Melby

Bill Melby looks great in these photographs taken in the 1950's.

I suspect the images of him posing with the beach ball were taken by Bruce of Los Angeles, but I am waiting for confirmation.

Unknown Model Photographed by Denny Denfield

In the 1950's, Denny Denfield took this magnificent photograph of an unknown model.

The bridge in the background appears to be the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge which spans the San Francisco Bay to connect Marin County to the East Bay.

Dale Gilbert Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

The Western Photography Guild took these nice images of Dale Gilbert, who won the titles Mr. Iowa, Mr. Mid-West, Iowa Middleweight Lifting Champion and Mid-West Middleweight Lifting Champion in 1956 and Mr. South West in 1957.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unknown Model

I have lost my note on this nice photograph and no longer know who the model is.

I believe the image was taken by Bruce of Los Angeles.

Ralph Kleiner

In the mid-1960's, Bruce of Los Angeles took the color photograph of Ralph Kleiner.

I suspect he took the other images in this post, too, but I am seeking confirmation.

Dale Curry

Here's another nice photograph of Dale Curry, who never disappoints as one of the most popular vintage beefcake models of the 1950's.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jerry Albanese Photographed by Les Demi Dieux

I was thrilled to acquire these outstanding photographs of Jerry Albanese taken by the man only known as Les Demi Dieux.

Please jump to this post on the blog to see more images of this handsome man.

Steve Wengryn

Here are three more great photographs of Steve Wengryn.

I suspect Lon took these images but am searching for confirmation.

Don Reyes

In the late 1950's, Bob Delmonteque took the outdoors photograph of Don Reyes, who had an unusual journey to bodybuilding, which I will discuss in a future post.

I do not yet know who took the images of Don you see in the catalog.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tony DeMarco Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

In the 1960's, Tony DeMarco made a visit to the showers at the Athletic Model Guild.

I am hunting down more photographs of this handsome model.

Frank Stagg Photographed by Russ Warner

UPDATED April 2, 2016: Russ Warner took these photographs of Frank Stagg.

Joe Survilas Photographed by Joe Corey

In the summer of 1955, the tightly cropped photograph of Joe Survilas puffing out his chest and grinning off camera appeared on the cover of the Volume 5, Number 2 issue of the Athletic Model Guild's magazine, Physique Pictorial.

In that issue, Bob Mizer writes of Joe: "Won the first contest he entered. He loves to swim, hunt and dance especially tangos, rhumbas, mambo and in fact all South American dance. Follows the theater and motion pictures carefully because he hopes eventually to be an actor. His idol is Steve Reeves, and he hopes that one day he may become a Mr. America. Some weeks find him training as heavily as 5 days. Has a ravenish [sic] appetite and it all seems to go to muscle. Biceps are 17", waist 29" chest 46".[...] The trunks Joe is wearing are Coronado Sharksin Briefs price $4.95, offered by AMG [....] Offered in Black, White, Brick Red, Aqua and Royal Blue; specify your waist size. Joe is wearing the color Aqua. We urge models not to wear either black or white trunks for photos since both present undesirable contrast -- One of the best colors for photos is Brick Red."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carter Lovisone Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

I hope to come across more photographs taken by the Western Photography Guild like this one of Carter Lovisone posing at home.

I think he has a great, well-balanced physique.

Darryl Powers Photographed by Champion Studio

Here are several more photographs of Darryl Powers taken by Champion Studio.

I especially like the images of Darryl working out outdoors.

Jack Deal Photographed by Lon

I was thrilled to acquire these outstanding photographs of Jack Deal taken by Lon in the late 1940's.