Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ray Christopher Photographed by David Martin

UPDATED July 8, 2011: David Martin took these outstanding photographs of Ray Christopher.

I think he has a magnificent body.

Jack LaLanne

This is a great photograph of Jack LaLanne on the cover of the popular beefcake magazine, VIM.

Jerry Riskin Photographed by Russ Warner

Russ Warner took this great image of Jerry Riskin, whose magnificent tan lines momentarily draw my gaze away from his amazing smile. He looks like he's having a great time having his photograph taken.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Theseus George

Here are two more great images of Theseus George. I know he has a fantastic physique, but I find myself drawn to his eyes.

Ivan Prescott Photographed by J Brian Enterprises

I was thrilled when I came across these additional images of Ivan Prescott by J. Brian Enterprises.

Please jump to this post on the blog to see the others I have collected of Ivan by this studio. Though I certainly enjoy seeing this model nude, I think the images of him wearing a tee shirt are outstanding.

Ralph Pfundstein Photographed by Champion Studio

In these two photographs taken by Champion Studio, Ralph Pfundstein pretty much embodies the American male of the 1960's. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me he was a captain in the United States Air Force on leave or a Madison Avenue junior executive vacationing in Florida.

I am hunting down additional images of this model.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dennis Lavia

Here are three more images of Dennis Lavia.

I really like the one taken outdoors. Dennis looks like a farmhand who imagines he's in a Broadway musical.

Don Silvas

Thanks to the eagle eye of a reader, I was able to correctly identify this model and just now located in my unsorted collection of beefcake photographs these two great images of Don Silvas.

Gary Carmody

I had never seen images of Gary Carmody until I stumbled upon these on the internet. I think he has a fantastic body and love that he appears to be lecturing the photographer in one of the photographs.

Or maybe he's singing?

UPDATED December 19, 2010: I found the image of Gary seated in the sixth volume of the magazine, The Male Figure, by Bruce of Los Angeles. I originally had his last name as Conway but have changed it to match Bruce's records of the model.

I am going to look for more images of this handsome model.

Spencer Churchill

Here are four more great images of Spencer Churchill.

I was told all of these images and the ones in this post on the blog were likely taken by Lon.

I especially like the image here of Spencer resting one hand on the top of a column.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mike Bradburn

Mike Bradburn was a model in the 1960's.

He has a fantastic physique.

Jack Conant Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

The Athletic Model Guild took this photograph of Jack Conant.

Please jump to this post on the blog to see more images of this handsome model.

Jack Caruso

Here are three great images of Jack Caruso.

I am trying to track down more photographs of this handsome, very muscular model.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jim Stryker by Champion Studio

For obvious reasons, Jim Stryker is arguably the most famous of all of the men who modeled for Champion Studio.

I especially like the image of him wearing white briefs, his hair falling down over his forehead, in addition to the photograph of him clasping his hands in front of his abdomen.

I do not know the name of the model posing with him in the studio.

Joe Wing and Robert Shealy Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

UPDATED July 4, 2017: This is one of the best photographs of vintage wrestling I have ever seen. I especially like how the tones of their bodies contrast so starkly with the background.

Bruce of Los Angeles took this photograph of Robert Shealy battling Joe Wing.

Gene Shuey

I think these two photographs of Gene Shuey were taken by Bruce of Los Angeles, but I haven't yet found confirmation of this, so I am looking for similar images of this model.

Tommy Hume

Tommy Hume looks like he's having a blast being photographed nude.

I couldn't locate any other images of this handsome model and do not know who took the image.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jim Pappa and Carl Schiedow Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

Bruce of Los Angeles took this photograph of Jim Pappa fighting Carl Schiedow. I am tracking down more images of these fantastic models.

Rick Sylvester Photographed by David Martin

David Martin took this nice photograph of Rick Sylvester.

As you can see on the note David made about this model, Rick was attending Berkeley, where he was a gymnast, in 1965.