Sunday, January 25, 2015

Raymond Everlet Photographed by Arax Studio

Arax Studio took this photograph of Raymond Everlet.

Robert Fedell Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

I was thrilled to obtain this color photograph of Robert Fedell taken by Bruce of Los Angeles.

If you are a fan of this blog, you know Fedell is one of my favorite bodybuilders posing during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. In fact, when you jump to this post on the blog, you can see this blog began six years ago with several images of him.

Joe Marcy and Unknown Model Photographed by Douglas of Detroit

UPDATED November 4, 2017: Douglas of Detroit took this photograph of Joe Marcy posing with an unknown model.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Andre Coutoula Photographed by Arax Studio

In 1949, Arax Studio took this photograph of Andre Coutoula.

Sonny Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

In the fall of 1957, Bruce of Los Angeles published the sixth issue of his magazine, The Male Figure.

In it, he writes about discovering Sonny doing Elvis Presley impressions in a saloon off Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sonny was a singer, wrestler and boxer. He won the Golden Glove middleweight title four times from 1949 to 1952.

Jim Stryker Photographed by Champion Studio

Champion Studio took this photograph of Jim Stryker.

Monday, January 19, 2015