Friday, December 28, 2012

Joey Richards Photographed by Mel Roberts

In 1968, Mel Roberts took the photograph of Joey Richards sitting beside a horse.

A year later, the photography of nude adults decriminalized in the United States, Roberts took the image of Richards in the sheer shirt.

Tommy Mathias Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

The Western Photography Guild took these photographs of Tommy Mathias.

Georg Hackenschmidt

Born on August 1, 1877 in Dorpat, Russian Empire, Georg Hackenschmidt was a cyclist, gymnast, swimmer, runner, jumper, strongman and professional wrestler, whose skill and prowess garnered him wealth and worldwide fame the likes of which only movie stars enjoy today.

His legendary feats of strength began in college, where he hoisted horses off the ground.

Wrestling was a hugely popular sport at the turn of the twentieth century. Hackenschmidt was the first free-style heavyweight champion of the world, losing only 2 of his 3,000 matches.

After retiring from the sport, he focused on weightlifting, inventing the hack squat and promoting exercise regiments like the bench press popular today.

Living much of his adult life in London, England, he spoke seven languages and became a noted author on fitness and philosophy. Among his friends were Harry Houdini and George Bernard Shaw. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “If I wasn’t president of the United States, I would like to be George Hackenschmidt.” 

Hackenschmidt passed away on February 19, 1968.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Unknown Model Photographed by John Barrington

John Barrington seemed to prefer dark Latin men, so I was surprised to acquire these images of this handsome, unknown blond photographed by Barrington.

Jimmy Lewis Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

For his good looks and athleticism, Jimmy Lewis remains one of my favorite physique models of the 1950's.

The Athletic Model Guild took these photographs.

Tom Cerelli Photographed by Pat Milo

Pat Milo took these photographs of Tom Cerelli, of whom I hope to obtain more images.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012