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Sunday, April 29, 2012

John Tristram and Forrester Millard Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

To ensure you collect all of the photographs taken by the Athletic Model Guild featuring John Tristram and Forrester Millard aka Forrester Wayne D'Orlac, here are three exceptional catalogs of the duo.

I especially like the images of the two men in and around Bob Mizer's pool.

Robert Deckard

I was pleased to acquire another photograph of massive Robert Deckard.

I suspect Bruce of Los Angeles took this photograph, but am still seeking confirmation.

Clive Poster Photographed by Domenique

Here's another photograph of Clive Poster taken by Domenique, the name Lon of New York used while photographing in London, England.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jimmy Lewis Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

Jimmy Lewis is cute as a button in this photograph taken by the Athletic Model Guild.

Bob Ireland Photographed by Mark One Studio

Mark One Studio took this photograph of Bob Ireland in the 1950's.

Howard Olsen Photographed by Denny Denfield

UPDATED June 30, 2017: Denny Denfield took this photograph of Howard Olsen.

As you might know, I'm currently sorting Denny Denfield's negatives. He joined Bob Mizer for at least one joint photo shoot with Howard Olsen and Jack Harris at this locale.

When you click on Olsen's name label directly below this post, you can see Mizer's photographs of the model posing solo and with other men in this sandy spot.

It's fun to know that more half a century ago Denfield and Mizer were here together taking photographs.

If you haven't yet and are interested, jump to this post on my Mike The Content Producer blog, where you can read a bit about my on-going gig archiving Denny Denfield's negatives at the Bob Mizer Foundation.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lew Ryall

I do not know who took this photograph of Lew Ryall, who was clearly a boxer or other sort of athletic in top shape in 1916.

Bud Taylor Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

Here are three more photographs of Bud Taylor taken by Bruce of Los Angeles.

Unknown Model Photographed by Al Urban

I have held onto several photographs of unknown models taken by Al Urban, who began advertising his images of male nudes in the nascent bodybuilder magazines of the 1930's. Urban was born in 1917, worked in the New Jersey and New York areas, and passed away in 1992.

As I post them to the blog, I hope readers can help me identify these unknown models, since I've had no luck to date.

I think this model is quite handsome and suspect these photographs were taken in the 1930's.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chuck Tomlinson Photographed by Champion Studio

Lucky me readers send me photographs of their favorite models.

Here are two more images of Chuck Tomlinson taken by Champion Studio.

Don Reynolds Photographed by Pat Milo

I was pleased to acquire another photograph of Don Reynolds taken by Pat Milo.

Pepper Gomez and Eugene Meyer

I do not know who took this outstanding photograph of Pepper Gomez and Eugene Meyer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

John Davidson, Blackie Preston and Unknown Model Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

The Athletic Model Guild took these photographs of John Davidson tickling with a feather an unknown model while Blackie Preston secures the lucky victim's arms.