Thursday, July 30, 2015

Larry Funn Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

What a delight it was to obtain this photograph of Larry Funn taken by the Athletic Model Guild.

As you might know, Dennis Bell, the currently owner of AMG and founder of the Bob Mizer Foundation, collaborated with designer Anzevino on a clothing line. This image appears on one of the tee shirts.

You can read more about the collaboration in this post on my Mike The Content Producer blog.

Rod Bauer Photographed by Champion Studio

Champion Studio took this photograph of Rod Bauer.

Billy Joe Carr Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

The Western Photography Guild took this photograph of Billy Joe Carr.

Elsewhere on this blog is a retouched version of this image in which Carr appears nude.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Don Hawksley and John Hadnagy Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

Here's another great photograph of Don Hawksley posing alongside John Hadnagy taken by the Athletic Model Guild.

Dexter Young Photographed by David Martin

When I obtained this photograph of Dexter Young taken by David Martin, I was able to correctly identify Young posing in the images found in this post on the blog.

As Martin notes directly on the photograph seen here, Young stayed in shape through archery and by playing tennis. St. Mary's College in Maraga is just a bit northeast of San Francisco, California.

Al Borge

I do not know who took this photograph of Al Borge.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Al Wilisch and Jim Callaway Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

I am thrilled to see Al Wilisch wrestling Jim Callaway in these photographs taken by the Athletic Model Guild.

In due course, I'll post a second catalog of images from this series to ensure you collect all the photographs.

Thank you again to the generous fan of this blog!

Bill Melby Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

Bruce of Los Angeles took these photographs of Bill Melby, about whose wrestling career you can read a bit when you jump to this post on the blog.

Ed Fury

I do not know who took these great fore and aft photographs of Ed Fury posing against a bamboo wall.