Monday, October 29, 2012

Renald and Rudy Photographed by Al Urban

Al Urban took this photograph of these models I've only been able to identify as Renald and Rudy with his back to the camera.

Pat Burnham Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

The Western Photography Guild took this photograph of Pat Burnham.

A different version of this image already appears on this blog. I prefer the rich sepia tones of this photograph.

Andreas Georges Photographed by John Barrington

John Barrington took this photograph of Andreas Georges.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jean Marais

I do not know who took this photograph of Jean Marais, a popular French actor who appears in dozens of films, performed on stage well into his eighties, sculpted, painted and notably wrote a biography on his former lover, French Surrealist filmmaker, Jean Cocteau.

In 1946, Marais plays two roles - that of the Beast and that of Beauty's unsuccessful suitor - alongside his former wife, Mila Parély, in Jean Cocteau's classic La belle et la bête, my all-time favorite film.

In 1996, Marais was awarded the French Legion of Honor. Two years later, just shy of his 85th birthday, he passed away in Cannes, France.

Unknown Model Photographed by Kovert of Hollywood

Kovert of Hollywood took this photograph of this unknown model.

Joe Leitel

I do not know who took this photograph of Joe Leitel.