Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Man's Collection

UPDATED October 16, 2016: Since I started this blog, several readers have suggested I write a book on vintage beefcake.

I am happy to announce I'm partnering with Zach Augustine to do just that.

Our book is aptly titled One Man's Collection, since Zach acquired a massive collection of photographs belonging to a man who passed away in New York City in the early 1990's. Zach found the collection stashed in the back of a closet, left behind as garbage.

We donated the photograph you see in this post to the charity art auction, Skeletor Saves, held in New York City on April 7, 2011. The photograph is of Gary Garret and was likely taken in the 1950's by Russ Warner.

Since we submitted it to the auction, I've been delighted to see the photograph popping up in blogs, forums and groups dedicated to vintage beefcake. It and the other photographs in the collection have been hidden out of sight long enough. It is a pleasure to work with Zach on this treasure trove of photographs, and I look forward to bringing all of the man's collection out of the closet and onto coffee tables everywhere - where it belongs!


  1. This might be Eddie Geisler, and the photo might be Lon.

  2. Hello, Tom! Thank you for all your notes on unknown models on the blog. I agree with someone else that this image is likely by Russ Warner, who frequently used this background and almost always printed 8 x 10 photographs, as was the size of this one. Best regards, Michael