Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bob Jensen Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

The Athletic Model Guild took this photograph of Bob Jensen.


  1. muscegod! beautiful ASS! oh MIKE I'm always wondering those photographers fucking the models after the photo shoot! can You tell me if it occurred in one of these sessions?

  2. Hello, eduardo!

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for vintage beefcake!

    There were 100's - if not a few 1,000 - physique photographers from the 1880's to 1969. I imagine more than a few had sexual relations with their models. John Barrington photographed many of his male lovers. Bob Mizer at the Athletic Model Guild was gay but reputedly never visited the home on his property exclusively for the use of his models. In the book I frequently reference on this blog, Lon writes about his platonic adoration for model and physique photographer, Frank Giardina, who moved his family for a while into Lon's apartment in NYC. Bruce of Los Angeles left his estate to heterosexual Scotty Cunningham. Walter Kundzicz writes gleefully in his book reviewed on this blog about his numerous homosexual romps in the Swinging Sixties. Don Whitman at the Western Photography Guild had the reputation of being a kind man to speak to if a model was questioning his sexual identity. Chuck Renslow at Kris Studios played an incredibly important part in the development of a "gay identity" and "gay culture" in the United States - I'd be shocked if he never had sexual relations with any of his models. Those are really the only photographers I've read about or heard stories from people well acquainted with the men.