Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jim Pappa and Carl Schiedow Photographed by Bruce of Los Angeles

I was pleased to find this photograph of Jim Pappa posing with a sword over Carl Schiedow.

A year or so ago, I emailed and talked on the telephone with Pappa, who was still regularly working out.

He had originally contacted me to introduce me to his son, Jimmy's band, Dinner Music for the Gods, which is quite good. You can check out their music and learn more about the band by visiting their website.

If you weren't in your teens or older in 1959, you likely haven't heard of Pappa's first wife, Carole Tregoff, who was secretly having an affair with a doctor while still married to Pappa. On July 18, 1959, she and the doctor murdered the doctor's wife. The subsequent trials became a global sensation comparable only to something like Brangelina not only divorcing, but one murdering the other. Tregoff was quite beautiful, much too beautiful–the world believed at the time–to be a murderess. When you jump to this website, you can read all about the murder and trials.

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