Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mike Powers Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

With this catalog of images taken by the Athletic Model Guild, I was able to identify the model in the photograph as Mike Powers, whose square jaw is unmistakable.

In the second row from the bottom of the catalog, Powers is taking a call from his agent.

Other models in this index are John Shraeder, Glenn Forde, Howe, Buddy Wilson, Peary Sanders, Bob Delmonteque (with a note that Delmonteque is selling self-portraits), Steve Revere, John Holden, Bob McKibbon, Louis Tarr, Chuck Rybonski, George Winters, Chuck Collins, Bob Looke with Bob Knudson, Ed Benson, Tom Tompson, Duane Sands, Deal posing with Louis Tarr and Steve Revere, John Merritt, Tommy Meyers posing with Dave Ross, Tex Davis, Tom King, Blackie Page, Charles Rybonski posing with Bob McCune, Harold Randolph, Ed McDaniel, John Svenn, Louie Rightmire, Steve Sirfoso, Howard Johnson, Booger O'Toole, Jiggs O'Fallon, Larry McCall, Don Buckston, Glenn Burgess.

Going forward, I'll add to the labels "AMG Index" whenever a catalog such as this appears in a post, for quick reference in the future. I see here at least two other models whose photographs have lingered for quite some time in my unidentified pile.

I must thank a generous fan of this blog for the catalog.

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