Friday, November 4, 2016

George Parker Photographed by Russ Warner

Russ Warner took this photograph of George Parker.

A generous fan of this blog found online these three catalogs by Warner.

Unfortunately, Warner Model Guide 2 is rather blurry, but I did my best to identify the models in the photos.

In Warner Model Guide 1, the models are (top to bottom and left to right) Bob McCune, Al Galios, Hank Evans, Dave Aaron, Dick Fenley, Everett Van Loo, Tom Carlson, Ed Madrigal, Tony Simms, Louis Venegas, Frank Stagg, Johnny Holden, Neel Bate, Roy Englehardt, John Smith, Jack LaLanne, Don Martin, Russ Warner, John Meeker, Jim Jacobs, Dick Riner, Michiro Mizutari, Don Lofvenborg, Jim Warren, Bob Rily, Jim Conrad, Tom Reese, Dick Woodward, Joe Phillips, Bob Morrie, Ray Rutledge, Lowell Hanon, Ken Dockter, Mike Zurio, Avent Smith and Ed Siemens.

In Warner Model Guide 2, the models are Jack Thomas, Joe Norton, Jack Cole, Jim Smith, Armand Girroux, Rudy PetSOMETHING, Charles Berendo, Bud Bapst, Norman Tousley, Gus Ramero, Bob Johnson, Art SOMETHING, Roland SOMETHING, Jerry Riskin, Ray Vega, Wallace Howard, Ray Harper, Sam Dale, SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING, George Parker, Bill Logan, John SOMETHING, Herb SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING Williams, Ralph Santiago, Ray Liedtke, Frank SOMETHING, Tom Washer, Tony Spragio, Sonny Kent and Roy Hilligen.

Based on how their names appear elsewhere in print, I've standardized the spelling of a few models' names.

I recognize in these guides the faces of a few models listed on this blog as "unknown models." I'll update those posts as I find time.

I encourage you to email me images or links to websites that clarify the partial names listed above.

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