Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bob Felix Photographed by Jean Ferrero

Jean Ferrero took this photograph of Bob Felix.


  1. Hello, eduardo!

    I removed your comment because I don't generally allow outside links.

    I know next to nothing about which models in the Golden Age of Bodybuilding were gay hustlers/prostitutes. Many were bodybuilders for the sport. More than a few, I would imagine, hoped to become famous actors in film and television. Several became professional wrestlers.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Mike I DONT BELIVE We are in 2017 and this blog is still working i m just 36 years but i love these vintage hot guys
      Male bodybuilder prostitution has always been a big business SINCE 50's by Apollo photography studio.

  2. omg Bob Felix ´bush is amazing Those pubes sticking out of the posers just make me wet and hard
    fuck Jean Ferrero must have fucked several vintage bodybuilders In his photo shoots Do not you think webmaster?