Thursday, July 19, 2018

Don Fuller Photographed by the Athletic Model Guild

What a thrill it was to stumble upon this photograph of Don Fuller taken by the Athletic Model Guild.

If you read what I write in these posts as you harvest these images for your Tumblr (Yes, I've noticed several of you are doing that with no attributions for "all your hard work."), you likely know Fuller is one of my favorite models posing in the 1950's.

What's especially great here are the shadows of the power lines behind Fuller, which are clues that this series (from which you can see many more images when you click on his name label directly beneath this post) was taken on the roof of one of the buildings at Bob Mizer's compound. That roof was the site for many photoshoots with various models.

There is a single photograph taken by Kris Studios of Fuller lying on the floor of a studio that seems to mislead viewers into thinking Kris Studios took this rooftop series, too.

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