Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hubert Thomas Photographed by Arax Studio

Happy 2020, everyone!

I hope that this post finds you well. In 1949, Arax Studio took this photograph of Hubert Thomas.

Thank you for all the emails you've sent to me over the last year or so. I love the artwork you've included that you wrote was inspired by the images you've seen here. Frankly, that's the main reason I post images to this blog. I have no doubt that a central motivation of the vintage beefcake photographers was for viewers of the male beauty they captured on film to be similarly inspired.

Since I've stepped away from this blog, some of you have asked about my health. I'm doing well, but I've become very busy writing my second novel. As of today, it is 134,000+ words long, and I still have four or so chapters to go in this first book in a three-book series. I think I will have it published by July of this year, at which point I hope to have time to return to my favorite hobby. While I'm not posting images to the blog, I am still collecting them, so I have a lot of photos to add once I have the opportunity.

Today, I chose this photo of Thomas because he looks great in every shot I've seen, but also to point out an error that I've repeated over the years. His name is Hubert Thomas. I'd had it reversed. So, today, I updated the names of his images and corrected the posts featuring him throughout the blog.

As the years pass, I've learned a lot about the models and photographers, so there are other updates to be made to the blog. All in due course....

Happy New Year!


  1. I was getting worried that this blog would soon disappear. It's been a favorite from the time I found it. My favorites are the classic 'Steve Wengryn' [may he rest in peace] who was an inspiration to me. Then there's Mark Nixon who was brutally murdered in Mexico. Thank you and have a Blessed and Happy and Healthy New Year!

  2. I have long enjoyed viewing your website, and I'm thrilled to know you're planning to get back to it in the near future. You've only posted a little over 8000 images, your work is not complete ... lol! Also, I hope you post when your book is coming out, its title, etc. All the best!

  3. Glad you're doing well. Miss your wonderful posts!!